About Us

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has created initiatives known as the HTCs. These aim to connect healthcare professionals, scientists, patients and industry representatives together to identify unmet clinical needs and develop new technology to solve these. Inspired by these activities, in 2015 students from the University of Leeds created the HTC Foundation, a student-led affiliation of the HTC Colorectal Therapies.

The student Steering Committee is multidisciplinary with representatives from medicine, physics, engineering and chemistry. The HTC Colorectal Therapies Management Team supports the Steering Committee.



•  To encourage critical evaluation of healthcare needs, and engagement in addressing these needs for patient benefit (GMC Good Medical Practice Domain 2)

• To promote teamwork and collaboration with interdisciplinary peers, and recognise diverse contributions (GMC Good Medical Practice Domain 3)

• To stimulate enterprise and build a culture of innovation amongst medical and affiliated students (Accelerated Access Review, Department of Health)


Since 2015 the group has ran two cycles of the novel Innovation Programmes since its founding. The Innovation Programme is an annual series of educational events which take participants through the skills and knowledge needed to be successful when designing new medical technology.