Innovation Programme

The HTCF Innovation Programme

The Innovation Programme is an annual programme of educational and practical workshops that runs each academic year for students from across the University of Leeds. This five part workshop series is extra-curricular and runs during term time in evenings on the University campus. Open to all students, you will meet likeminded people from other subjects including medicine, physics, engineering, chemistry and biological sciences. Participants will learn about the healthcare technology innovation cycle, how to concept develop, product design and how to generate new technology to improve healthcare for patients.

Please join our mailing list to stay up to date with future events and opportunities to get involved and work on your projects in this area. Our workshops in the New Year will be in the Business School seminar rooms on campus on the following dates:

Healthcare Needs, 1st February 18:00-20:00 – Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (G.31)

Concept Development, 15th February 18:00-20:00 – Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (1.33)

Entry into Market, 1st March 18:00-20:00 – Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (G.31)

Dragon’s Den, 15th March 18:00-20:00 – Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (G.31)

Here you will learn how to take your ideas to solve healthcare problems, through concept development and design, entering into markets and prototyping, and finally onto pitching your ideas to a panel of experts. Following this we will collaboratively explore ways of taking this ideas forward via summer internship projects.

This year (2017-2018) the Innovation Programme will consist of 4 sessions. Each will be approximately 2 hours long on weekday evenings fortnightly during semester 2. All subjects are welcome and each event is free.

The first event will be a Hackathon, an event where different people meet to tackle a problem from different perspectives. Here you will be introduced to problems in healthcare known as unmet clinical needs. Then you will form teams with people from differing subjects and begin to brainstorm ideas and technologies to solve this problem. You will then progress through the programme over the following weeks remaining in your same teams. Each of sessions 2-4 will be educational, where you will receive training from clinicians, scientists, engineers and industry experts on how to develop your novel  technology.

There will be dedicated time during these sessions for you to work on and develop your concept further at each stage. The fifth and final session will involve a Dragon’s Den where you will pitch your concepts to experts from healthcare, science and industry. The best ideas will receive the chance to develop these further and there is scope to develop projects through HTCF Summer Internships in the Summer of 2018.


Last year’s Innovation Programme feedback from over 50 students